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This week we’re talking about feeling vibrant. How often does this word come to mind when you ask yourself how you’re feeling? Lexico.com defines vibrant as “full of energy and enthusiasm,” and “quivering; pulsating.”

Feeling Vibrant

It’s interesting to look at the etymology of words sometimes. Vibrant comes from the Latin word vibrantem, meaning “swaying,” and the present participle of vibrare, “move to and fro.” It also means “agitated” and “vibrating,” particularly in relation to sound.

This vocabulary lesson is meant to examine the word from different viewpoints. Vibrant can have positive as well as seemingly negative connotations. And what does it have to do with Hoffman? Good question. Feeling vibrant can mean many things to us. We can be full of energy, ready to go forth and be our bright, spiritual selves in the world. Feeling vibrant can also mean we are full of energy that might be from pain or anguish, fear, or anticipation.

Are You Feeling Vibrant?

When we get into a state of vibrancy that has to do with negative patterns, we have an opportunity to challenge the feeling, to do some Cycle of Transformation work. What is causing this anxiety or pain? What are we fearful of and what can we do about it? Once we understand what is causing this vibrating feeling, we can address it. Of course, if it’s from a place of joy and happiness, that is something to be celebrated – dance it out!

If we look at vibrant from a Quadrinity perspective, we can see that it is relevant in all areas. Feeling vibrant emotionally gives us the chance to celebrate or shift. Our intellect vibrates with thoughts and gives us lots of information about what is happening. The body can use this feeling of vibrance to dance, move, shake off the Dark Side, shift energy. And the spirit comes from a place of feeling vibrant – energetic, enthusiastic, shining.

Use Feelings as a Tool

When you do a Quadrinity Check-In, see if the word vibrant comes up in relation to any aspect. Explore it a little more and find out what information it is providing. Feelings are perfect tools to gauge our health and well-being, as well as guide us as we step into the world each day.

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