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David Fishof Hoffman PodcastDavid Fishof is an American music producer, sports agent, and the founder and CEO of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. Listen in as David weaves his stories, shares his big heart, and guides us through his Hoffman Process transformation.

In 1999, David came to the Process to understand why he couldn’t “keep his marriage.” He was successful in his career and knew, in his heart, that he was a good guy. His parents had been married for 50 years and yet, he’d been unable to save his marriage. David wanted answers and he was willing to do whatever it took to find those answers.

Between the time he turned in his pre-work and arrived for his Process, David’s father passed away. Upon Raz Ingrasci’s urging (David’s Process teacher), David decided not to postpone his Process knowing that it would be a potent time to do the deep work he was ready for. David had a wonderful relationship with his father. Even so, he was able to come up with a large number of traits that he’d adopted from his dad. Transforming these helped guide him closer to the answers he was seeking.

Eventually, David came to see and know more clearly the passionate man he has always been. By healing the pain of his past, the confusion that had clouded his true passions cleared. He stepped into work that fed his passion and started the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. And, he deepened his faith, discovering he could weave his Quadrinity Check into his daily prayers.

A fabulous storyteller, boy does David have stories to tell about the world of Rock and Roll, the power of the element of surprise, and so much more. Please enjoy this conversation steeped in the power of storytelling and vibrant vulnerability.

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David Fishof with Jay Leno Hoffman PodcastDavid Fishof is an American music producer, sports agent, and the founder and CEO of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. Born and raised in New York City, David began his career representing acts in the Catskill Mountains. He became a sports agent, representing Phil Simms, Lou Piniella, Randy Myers, among others. While he was working as a sports agent, David began to also produce live rock and roll tours working with Ringo StarrThe MonkeesRoger Daltrey, and many other popular acts.

David has been recognized as a creative and innovative force in the entertainment industry with a career spanning over four decades. David’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp allows everyday people to play alongside world-renowned rock stars. His camp reflects David’s deep passion and appreciation for the transformative power of music in people’s lives, both personally and professionally. Rock Camp: The Movie, illustrates David’s impact on the world of rock music.

David has written three books, Putting It on The Line, a book about his experiences in the world of sports and entertainment, Rock Your Business: What You and Your Company Can Learn From The Business of Rock and Roll, and Rock Camp: An Oral History: 25 Years of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp.

Learn more about David and Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Read more about David here and here. You can learn more about Comedy Fantasy Camp on Instagram.

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Rock and Roll Tours:
Happy Together,
Dirty Dancing,
The Monkees – ’86, and
Ringo’s All-Star Band

Comedy Fantasy Camp with Jay Leno, Adam Carolla

Practical joke (on YouTube) played on David Fishof by the All-Starr Band.

Rockers and actors mentioned:
Ringo Starr (All-Starr Band) (Yellow Submarine)
Joe Walsh (the Eagles)
Bruce Springsteen
Mickey Dolenz
Nils Lofgren (E Street Band)
Clarence Clemons, aka The Big Man
“Levon” Helm (the Band)
Jim Keltner
John Denver
Billy Preston
Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)
Paul McCartney (Something)

The Living Years:
Listen to The Living Years
Mike and the Mechanics
Paul Carrack, lead singer

Bournemouth, England

Abbey Road

Doug Blush, Director Rock Camp: The Movie

Amidha – Jewish daily prayer


The Holocaust:

Hoffman and David through the years:

David with Raz Ingrasci and Ed McClune in 2012 on VoiceAmerica.
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Interview with David Fishof for our October 2008 newsletter, the Light News.

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Graduate (weekend) Q2 Intensive
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Liza Ingrasci, Hoffman CEO and Board Member
Raz Ingrasci, Founder, HIF, Board Member, Hoffman teacher (listen to Raz on the Hoffman Podcast)
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