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Drew Horning Julie Daley Hoffman PodcastFor our season 7 finale episode, we’re taking you behind the scenes with co-host Drew Horning and executive producer Julie Daley. The idea came about when Drew and Julie met in person for the first time the day after Thanksgiving – over three and a half years after starting this podcast together. It’s pretty amazing that people can work together so closely to create something near and dear to them, and have never met in person.

But the real story is why the podcast came into being, to begin with. It has to do with you, our listeners, graduates of the Process. In the first few months of the pandemic, the podcast was just one of a slew of new projects initiated by the Institute in service of staying connected to and supporting our graduate community. Along with others, Drew and Julie came together to brainstorm how to create the first Hoffman Institute podcast in April 2020. Sound engineer, Walt Hubis, joined us and in the middle of May 2020, after releasing our first three episodes of the Podcast, we were off and running with the release of our fourth episode. In time, both Sharon Mor and Liz Severin joined as co-hosts. We’d found our team.

We hope you enjoy learning a bit about how all this came together and the “why” behind what makes doing this so meaningful for us. Happy New Year to you and yours. The Hoffman Podcast will return with season 8 in February 2024. We look forward to sharing conversations with a whole new group of graduates with you.

About Drew Horning:

Drew Horning is a former licensed private practice psychotherapist with a Master’s in clinical work from the University of Michigan. He is trained in EMDR, Mediation and Dispute Resolution, Gottman Couples Counseling, and Brené Brown’s Daring Way. He also hosts a podcast on relationships and coached high school basketball. Drew published his book, Grappling: White Men’s Journey from Fragile to Agile, in May 2021.

Drew values his role in calling forth students’ courage and supporting them on their healing journey. He recalls how amazed he was at the speed of change during the week of his Process. “Sure, there was work to do once the week was over; but I was able to tap into parts of myself and what I wanted for my life in ways that I had never experienced before … despite years of therapy.”

Drew lives in Boulder, CO with his wife of over 20 years, Genny, and their two children.

About Julie Daley:

Julie Daley is the executive producer of the Hoffman Podcast. It is her great joy to work in support of the Hoffman Process. Julie did her Process in August 2002. There, she experienced deep, abiding love and boundless joy. Julie left knowing she had been deeply transformed.

A graduate of Stanford University, Julie is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a certified teacher of Creativity in Business, a course originally taught at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Julie loves supporting others in coming home to their Essence and finding their courage to share this essential, creative nature with the world. Julie enjoys artistic expression through writing prose and poetry, dancing, painting, and photography. She is the author of Here: Poems, Prose, and Photography.

Julie lives in the Bay Area and is a grandmother to six beautiful, treasured human beings.

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