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By Jobi Manson

Enrich the PlanetAugust 2017 is two years since I graduated from the Hoffman Process. When I think back to the events that led me to the program, and of the days leading up to orientation, I can still recall the anticipation.

Intuitively I knew that I was on the brink of something so much bigger than my self-discovery, and I had not a clue what that actually meant. I knew, after that week, my life would never be the same. And one could argue that our lives are never the same, always progressing from second to second… I agree with that. But there are also moments of pinnacle growth. Forks in the road, where we – where I – have A Choice. Do I choose up-liftment? Or do I choose what is known?

The experience of the Hoffman Process is a daily reminder of my power of will, the gifts of connection, and how f***ing incredible it is to be alive in a time where personal responsibility paves the way to a thriving future.

Why Do I Lead A Grad Group?

Why would I not lead a group of people together toward collective awareness? Leading, and learning the art of reception through holding space for myself and others in a safe environment, permeates to every facet of my Life’s “art” (I almost said work there…). But I believe that Life is Art. Art is the highest form of hope, and in the grad group we explore the awareness of our potential as well as our owned and rightful creativity. During that time, I have the opportunity to learn from my fellow graduates, share triumphs, and explore deeper healing through the utilization of Hoffman tools.

Enrich the Planet

Continue the Work, Enrich the Planet

I feel honored to continue the work, and traverse the challenge of trusting where I feel my purpose is leading. And regardless of how that translates on this wild physical plane that we occupy, I know my experience at Hoffman has led me home. Led me to begin to master myself, and in so doing lend support toward others, and the amazing chance to enrich the planet and time we get to live in.

Jobi Manson completed her Process in August, 2015, in Connecticut, and leads a Hoffman graduate group in southern California. She is driven by the ideology that human innovation lives at the intersection of creativity and nature. Having spent years traveling throughout Africa on safari, Jobi has designed a unique vocation with the creation of her lifestyle brand, Sēfari. Sēfari is a company that inspires individuals to seek and master their creativity, ascertain their individuality, and embody harmonious living within their surroundings. Aesthetically driven by the celebration of raw nature, she teaches her practice in the ocean around the globe.

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  • Christine Falcon-Daigle


    08/10/17 at 2:45 PM

    I love this Jobi! “Art is the highest form of hope”! Thank you for sharing, and many blessings on your journey – onward and upward! Your fellow Hoffman Grad, Christine

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