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Love’s everyday radius is an inspiring collection of conversations with Hoffman graduates.

Our aim is to highlight how the Process enhances reciprocity, gratitude, and responsibility toward the whole. The Hoffman Process is about more than individuals healing themselves. When you change yourself from within, your actions change and you become an integral part of the healing of the world through your own “everyday radius.”

Podcast music: Copper’s Paws by James Hatfield. Sound engineer: Walt Hubis. Podcast host: Drew Horning.

Erin Weed, creator of The Dig, talks with host, Drew Horning. In this uplifting conversation, Erin shares deeply personal stories of both great loss and great success. Erin Weed helps people clarify their purpose, simplify their message, and amplify their truth. Erin created The Dig, a process for unearthing your purpose and distilling it to […]

A certified NLP coach and intuitive healer. Jason just relocated to Hawaii with his husband, Perry, to pursue a Masters in Religion from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. Jason speaks with Drew Horning from his new home in Hawaii about how the Process changed his life and gave him the vision and tools to […]

In this episode, you’ll find a wonderfully engaging conversation between Jenni and Drew. Jenni is co-owner of the nation’s longest-running satirical comedy theatre, the Brave New Workshop, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jenni shares what was meaningful for her at the Process as well as how the Process is alive in her life today. She touches […]

Katie Salvage has always had a sense of urgency around wanting to impact change on this planet, and she believes, “the best way I can do that is by working with teens.” In this intimate and revealing episode, Katie talks about her powerful work helping teens find healthy ways to deal with their emotions in […]

Heidi Krahling in her restaurant

Love the food at White Sulphur Springs? Meet Heidi Krahling! Food, community, and family are the cornerstones of Heidi Insalata Krahling’s life today as they have been throughout her life. In this episode, Heidi shares about food, community, and service; how her work at the Process and in the years since helped her to understand […]

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