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Love’s everyday radius is an inspiring collection of conversations with Hoffman graduates and those impacted by their ripple of change.

Our aim is to highlight how the Process enhances reciprocity, gratitude, and responsibility toward the whole. The Hoffman Process is about more than individuals healing themselves. When you change yourself from within, your actions change and you become an integral part of the healing of the world through your own “everyday radius.”

Hosts: Drew Horning & Sharon Mor   Sound Engineer: Walt Hubis
Producer: Julie Daley   Music: Copper’s Paws by James Hatfield   

Ed McClune Hoffman Teacher

Ed McClune, beloved Hoffman Process teacher and coach since, the ’80s, is our guest today. As Ed and Drew share at the end, this conversation is a good Hoffman geek-out.* Even though they geek out over all things Hoffman, Ed’s whole Quadrinity* shows up in this one. His love shines through as he speaks about […]

dan sterling

Dan Sterling and his story will open your heart in untold ways. A warm, vulnerable, caring man, Dan grew up in a very conservative family in Alberta, Canada where discipline and life were harsh. Two months before Dan came to the Process, he knew he “had a big problem.” In his job as a Canadian […]

Julie Faupel Hoffman Podcast

Hoffman grad, Julie Faupel, the founder of REALM, a technology platform in luxury real estate, is delightful, warm, and open. Julie came to the Hoffman Process to heal her fear that there was something terribly wrong with her. As a member of YPO, she discovered many other YPO members had also completed the Process so […]

Jon Hurry Hoffman Podcast

Meet Jon Hurry. Jon’s story is moving. His story of recovery and healing is captivating. His willingness to be vulnerable is inspiring. Jon’s story is one of loss and heartache, but also perseverance and resiliency. He admits he has had a lot of loss but he also reminds us that his life is a normal […]

Julio G Alvarez

Julio Alvarez is a first-generation Latin American from the suburbs of New York. At age thirty-three, the Hoffman Process changed the course of Julio’s life. Julio came out as gay in high school and was ultimately kicked out of the house by his father. The President of the local Rotary Club took Julio into his […]

Eboni K Williams

Eboni K. Williams talks about the spirit of disruption in this week’s episode. Her work disrupts long and deeply seeded cultural norms and expectations. She shares with us how rewarding her work is as disruption is an essential part of change and change is constant. And yet, she also speaks of how heavy her work […]

Serena Gordon Hoffman UK leaning against a wall

We are so fortunate to have Serena Gordon on Love’s Everyday Radius. Serena has dedicated herself to bringing the powerful healing work of the Hoffman Process to the world since 1995. A friend of Bob Hoffman, the Hoffman UK Managing Director and Co-Founder, and a Process Teacher, Serena offers us some profound insights about the […]

Hilton Nathanson, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, is our guest this week. While not a graduate of the Process, Hilton’s life, and life pursuits have been deeply touched by the everyday radius of many Hoffman graduates’ love. It’s amazing to see just how wide a radius our graduates’ love and healing travels. The ripple effect of […]

Regina Louise Hoffman Podcast

Regina Louise, a beloved Hoffman teacher, is our guest this week on Love’s Everyday Radius. Listen in as Regina shares with us about her time at the Process and how she wanted so badly to leave…but stayed. As a child, Regina lived in over 30 foster homes, group homes, and psychiatric facilities before age 18. […]

Wilma Mae Basta Hoffman Podcast

We begin season 3 with Wilma Mae Basta, entrepreneur and founder of DRK Beauty. Listen in as Wilma Mae shares how profound both the Process and her healing journey have been. Originally from Philadelphia, Wilma Mae did her Process in the UK where she lived and worked at the time. When she arrived at the […]

Matt Brannagan, Hoffman teacher and coach, is our guest today in this delightful finale for season two. Matt shares about his time in the Process and in the military and speaks to what it is he loves about both. He also shares with us what it was like to help lead the Institute through the […]

Jo Mattoon Hoffman Podcast

Jo Mattoon, a beloved Hoffman Process Teacher and Coach, supports people in developing their whole selves. In her transformational work, both with Hoffman and as an executive coach, Jo sees just how hungry we are to reclaim our whole personhood. At her own Process seventeen years ago, Jo reclaimed her whole personhood. About that week […]

Nita Gage

Get to know Nita Gage, a beloved Hoffman Teacher and Coach. Before becoming a Hoffman teacher at 63, Nita had a long and distinguished career as a psychoanalyst and transformational retreat leader. Listen in as Nita shares about growing up on Native land and the many gifts of that time. She learned so much from […]

Karen DeGannes

Karen DeGannes came to the Process when she realized she was not showing up for her life. She discovered just how capable she is of showing up after taking the Process when she faced serious life health challenges. Karen discovered a quiet, gentle, persistent life-force within herself that when surrendered to supported her to meet […]

Billy Bush Hoffman Podcast

Billy Bush is our guest today. Billy came to the Process four years ago when his life instantly plummeted into chaos. Listen in as Billy shares with us about his time at the Process and his life since. In his heartwarming and candid style, Billy tells his stories with vulnerability, humor, and a kind of confidence […]

Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey is our guest today. Listen in as she articulates, in breathtaking ways, what it means to be human, to be sovereign, and to be one’s own authority. A Polynesian explorer, Elizabeth has spent her life exploring some of the world’s most remote regions. She shares with us just how important it […]

Karen Tiber Leland

Listen in as Karen Tiber Leland shares with us about the power of being tapped into your Spiritual Self. Karen went through a very rough time after doing the Process. Through this time, she realized that her connection to her Spiritual Self was “hardwired in.” She realizes how this being so helped her to navigate […]

Ross Copperman, Hoffman Podcast

Ross Copperman is a singer/songwriter and music producer. In today’s episode, listen in as Ross shares his experiences at the Process and what it has been like to integrate the work he did at the Process over time. The main themes from today’s episode are authenticity, balance, fame, voice, artistry, and learning to trust and […]

tim callanfeatured

Listen in as Tim Callan’s shares his amazing journey through deep grief after the death of his wife, to find new love on the other side. Tim speaks of his experience of the power of grief willingly and fully met. He also tells us of the power of the Process to open our hearts to […]


Listen in as Lorenzo Jones, business coach, facilitator, and speaker shares his Process experience with Sharon. Through the dialogue he had with his Mother at the Process, Lorenzo experienced deep healing. She’s a very private person, he says, so through dialogue, he was able to answer questions he’d always held. Lorenzo also speaks to the […]


Ben Smith-Petersen is a stunt man who originally was a circus performer and flying trapeze teacher. He got his start in the stunt world after meeting a stunt coordinator who brought his children in to learn flying trapeze. In this episode, Ben shares vulnerably and beautifully about his time at the Process. Specifically, he talks […]


For New Year’s Eve, 2020, we have an intimate conversation with our podcast co-hosts, Sharon Mor and Drew Horning. Listen in as they explore and share many aspects of their Hoffman experiences – as students, teachers-in-training, active teachers, and now as Hoffman Podcast co-hosts. TRANSFORMATION & LOVE What you’ll come to know from listening to […]

marnibattista mb ruben jimenez

Marni Battista is a dating and relationship coach and the author of Becoming Irresistible. How did she get into this line of work? Marni shares that her patterns, the way she was raised, and the way she experienced love, came together to create, what she calls, “a bad picker” when it comes to finding love. […]


Joe Gauld enrolled in the Hoffman Process in 2007 at the age of 80. During his Process, he reclaimed his childhood nickname. Once home, he returned to work as headmaster of Hyde School in Bath, Maine, and asked his colleagues to call him Joey. In this episode, Joey shares wisdom gained from his long, full […]


In today’s episode, Cara Jones shares her powerful life story. Cara is a filmmaker, former Emmy Award-Winning journalist, and a story coach. She grew up in the Unification Church, often referred to as the ‘Moonies’, and adopted this spiritual belief system. Cara’s real journey began when she left this religious movement. As she did, everything […]

for allure photographer mike rosenthal 1000 x 1073

Jen Atkin is a hairstylist, influencer, and entrepreneur. Just over a year ago, she had a powerful Process that changed her life. Jen grew up in a religious family in a small town in Utah. Listen in as she shares about moving to Los Angeles and her rise to the top of her field. With […]

anat baniel headshot higher quality

Our guest this week is Anat Baniel. Anat is a trained clinical psychologist, dancer, and was a close professional associate of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais for over a decade. She is perhaps best known today as the founder of Anat Baniel Method®NeuroMovement®. Listen in as Anat shares a fascinating story of how she came to work […]

anitasanchezfeaturedphoto 1 scaled

Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., Aztec, and Latina, is devoted to bridging Indigenous wisdom and modern times. In this episode, Anita shares the four sacred gifts she offers in her book, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times. She then tells a story from her childhood that shows the power of The Gift of the […]

ucsf headshot jennifer ashby

Dr. Jennifer Ashby was raised between NYC and Appalachia by parents who were exotic animal trainers. She moved away from her family at the age of 14 and has been on her own ever since. She’s now a city girl who’s worked in traditional Chinese medicine in the medical, healing arts for 25 years. In […]


Emmanuel Fortune grew up in the Little Haiti community of Miami Florida, a child of Haitian immigrants. His family was 12 – a single mom and 11 siblings (including him). He learned to work hard and to do whatever was needed to help his family. Listen in as Emmanuel shares stories of what this was like […]


Enjoy this lively episode with Tamar Geller, dog trainer, behavior expert, and New York Times bestselling author, and our new co-host Sharon Mor, Hoffman teacher. Listen in as Tamar shares about living from Spirit and training dogs in a whole new way.  Tamar developed the “The Loved Dog” method of dog training. It’s an innovative […]


Welcome to Season Two! We are thrilled to open with Stan Stefancic, a retired Hoffman teacher and former Director of Special Projects for the Institute. Stan shares his stories of the Process (including working with Bob Hoffman), as well as his life’s work in helping to create a more socially just and caring world. For […]

Raz Ingrasci Husband, Father, Son on the Hoffman Podcast

In our finale episode of season one, Raz Ingrasci shares stories from many parts of his life. He offers some deeply moving stories about his own life as a husband, father, and son. Raz also shares an early history of, and fascinating wisdom about, the Hoffman Process. He speaks of his relationship with Bob Hoffman […]

jake tarr cropped

Jake had a profound spiritual experience during his Process. When he turned the light of forgiveness toward himself, something incredible occurred. As Jake says, what happened isn’t ‘on the menu’ of the Process, but spiritual experiences and profound awakenings can and do happen at the Process. Listen in as Jake shares with us what happened […]

2020 headshot lindsay meyer cropped face right

Lindsay is a 2-time entrepreneur, former venture capital analyst, ex-biotechie, and a 2017 TIME Person of the Year. Listen in as Lindsay shares with us some of the profound realizations that occurred for her during her Process, including the life-changing messages she received through dialoguing with her birth parents. Linsday shares real-life examples of how […]


In this episode, Renda shares stories of her Process and life in Minneapolis during this time of great unrest. She also shares stories of her magical childhood growing up on a farm. Renda speaks of the many patterns she took on as a child that kept her from knowing who she is and what her […]

marccooper 300x300 1

Marc Cooper shares both the story of his Process and what followed after – a healing of the negative love patterns with both his biological and adoptive mothers.  Healing doesn’t stop at the end of the Process – it continues after we return home. Our healing work radiates love out into our lives and in […]

raj kapoor blue cropped

Raj Kapoor is the Chief Strategy Officer for Lyft, as well as the Head of Business for Lyft’s self-driving division. He joins Drew to talk about the inspiration and new purpose he found from his experience contracting and surviving COVID-19. Once recovered, Raj created his new brainchild, World Without COVID, to empower others – COVID-positive […]

erol senel looking right

Erol Senel is a purposeful father of two, a creative professional, and the host of Success Shorts podcast. He’s also Director, Planning & Product Integration at Fidelity Investments. In this episode, Erol shares mistakes he made in the months following his Process. Erol found his life after the Process challenging. He actively used everything he […]

debby irving edited

“It takes a lot of skill to be a human being.” Debby Irving is a racial justice educator and the author of Waking Up White. In this episode, Debby shares the power of the Process and how it can change the trajectory of your life. Halfway through the Process, Debby had a recurring vision in […]

lynne twist featured

Lynne Twist is the founder of the Soul of Money Institute and author of the best-selling, award-winning book “The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life.” In this episode, Lynne shares stories of how love moves through her work and her life. She speaks to the immense power love holds to shift […]


Rebecca McLoughlin did the Process when she was 23, straight out of college. Not many are lucky enough to find the Process at such a young age, but Rebecca was and she shares how the Process “completely changed the trajectory of her life.” Rebecca shares with us an embodied experience she had at the Process […]


Ryan Estis came to the Process looking for real change in his life. He found it at the end of those seven powerful days. In this episode, Ryan shares candidly about his journey to live a more heart-centered life. He also shares his experience of guiding companies to make a meaningful impact in the world. […]

shari caudron cropped

“What Hoffman did was help me rewrite my own narrative. I realized the villains in my life weren’t villains; they were wounded people doing the best they could.” In this episode, Shari shares some amazing insights into the process of writing a memoir—for personal growth or publication–and how writing your story can change your life. […]

afterlightimage small jobi manson cropped 1

Jobi Manson is an artist and explorer, and the founder of a water healing practice she calls, Sēfari. She believes that “nature is the key to a creative life” and helps guide people into their creative expression through water immersions. Jobi had a powerful realization at the Process. Listen in as she shares how what […]


Shannon Cason has told stories all over the country with The Moth, Snap Judgment, and other popular storytelling platforms. Here, Shannon shares some of his powerful stories from his life before, during, and after the Process. He speaks eloquently and vulnerably of both joy and pain and growing up in Detroit. We are also fortunate […]


Joey Bellus has gathered many tools and insights through his education, but most importantly through his personal successes and failures. In this episode, Joey, who is of Native American descent, shares how his learning from the Process helped him lay the foundation for his practice of understanding his Native traditions. Listen in as Joey shares […]

michael fosberg 2

Michael Fosberg has been working to create a national dialogue on race and identity since 2001 when he launched his one-man, autobiographical play, Incognito. The author-activist has used the arts as a means for social change in corporate and organizational cultures. In this episode, Michael talks about his profound experience in coming to know his […]

heidimb 1

Love the food at White Sulphur Springs? Meet Heidi Krahling! Food, community, and family are the cornerstones of Heidi Insalata Krahling’s life today as they have been throughout her life. In this episode, Heidi shares about food, community, and service; how her work at the Process and in the years since helped her to understand […]


Katie Salvage has always had a sense of urgency around wanting to impact change on this planet, and she believes, “the best way I can do that is by working with teens.” In this intimate and revealing episode, Katie talks about her powerful work helping teens find healthy ways to deal with their emotions in […]

podcast jenni lilendahl

In this episode, you’ll find a wonderfully engaging conversation between Jenni and Drew. Jenni is co-owner of the nation’s longest-running satirical comedy theatre, the Brave New Workshop, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jenni shares what was meaningful for her at the Process as well as how the Process is alive in her life today. She touches […]

podcast jason beegle

Jason is a certified NLP coach and intuitive healer. He recently relocated to Hawaii with his husband, Perry, to pursue a Masters in Religion from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. In this episode, Jason speaks with us from his new home in Hawaii. He shares how the Process changed his life and gave him […]

podcast erin weed250

Erin Weed, creator of The Dig, talks with host, Drew Horning. In this uplifting conversation, Erin shares deeply personal stories of both great loss and great success. Erin Weed helps people clarify their purpose, simplify their message, and amplify their truth. Erin created The Dig, a process for unearthing your purpose and distilling it to […]

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