The Hoffman Podcast

Love's Everyday Radius is an inspiring collection of conversations with Hoffman graduates and those impacted by their ripple of change.

Our aim is to highlight how the Process enhances reciprocity, gratitude, and responsibility toward the whole. The Hoffman Process is about more than individuals healing themselves. When you change yourself from within, your actions change and you become an integral part of the healing of the world through your own “everyday radius.”

Hosts: Drew Horning, Sharon Mor, & Liz Severin Producer: Julie Daley
Sound Engineer: Walt Hubis Music: Copper’s Paws by James Hatfield

S6e16: Natalie Lumpkin – Parental and Ancestral Patterns

Natalie Lumpkin, the creative force behind Finding You, a gathering dedicated to Anti-Oppression work for Black Women, completed the Hoffman Process in early 2020. Content warning: This episode does contain a discussion of racial violence and the use of the N-word and may not be suitable for all audiences. After experiencing betrayal and doing the […]

S6e15: Dr. Sheila Ohlsson Walker – Your Purpose & the YODA Code

  Sheila Ohlsson Walker, Ph.D., who graduated from the Hoffman Process in 2019, shares her sense of what purpose is and how we can come to know it. Content warning: this episode does contain references to child sexual abuse and may not be suitable for all audiences. Sheila shares how purpose can change over time, […]

S6e14: Richard Raymond – Finding My Voice, Knowing I Belong

In the Fall of 2022, Richard Raymond, British Filmmaker, graduated from the Hoffman Process. Yes, Richard is a filmmaker, but as you’ll discover listening to this conversation with Liz, Richard is a masterful storyteller.  and boy does he have stories to tell. From a very young age, films enthralled Richard. When he realized he wanted […]

S6e13: Mary Arden – Earth and Spirit

Mary Arden, a beloved Hoffman Process teacher and coach, taught the Process for nearly 30 years. In this spirited and delightful conversation with Drew, Mary shares her experience taking the Process, teaching the Process, and working directly with Bob Hoffman. She also, lovingly, shares her experience of being with her beloved partner, Jim, while he […]

S6e12: B David Cisneros – Beautiful Angels in our Lives

B David Cisneros, professor and author, shares that the Hoffman Process, without question, was the single most impactful thing I’ve ever done for myself.” The Process put David on a “path to happiness, to joy, to finding joy.” When speaking of his childhood, David shares with Sharon that blame was a deep familial pattern. In […]

S6e11: Natalie Kuhn – Spirituality & Your Amazing Body

Natalie Kuhn is Co-CEO and a founding teacher of The Class. Listen in as she shares about spirituality, the human body, and the incredible healing power of expression. While Natalie grew up with Catholicism and Buddhism, it was in her biology class that she realized the profound power of the spiritual nature of life. Natalie […]

S6e10: Bobby Africa – Slow it Down, Bobby

In his youth, Bobby Africa, business mentor and ultra-endurance athlete, earned his nickname “Too Fast Africa” racing motocross for Kawasaki. Ironically, and perfectly, it was Regina‘s (his Process teacher) loving invitation to, “Slow it down, Bobby” that opened the door, even wider, to the healing that took place during his Process. In the first few […]

S6e9: Linda Hartka – Healing Self-Loathing

Linda Hartka, beloved Hoffman teacher, shares her story of how doing the work of the Process healed her seemingly intractable self-loathing. As a therapist for years, Linda did many workshops and types of training to deepen her capacity and ability to hold others in their healing. And yet, her tendency to feel self-loathing didn’t budge. […]

S6e8: Susan Beaulieu – Drumming & Singing Back My Spirit

Susan Beaulieu, Healing Justice Director, is Anishinaabe and an enrolled member of the Red Lake Nation. Listen in as Susan shares her powerful healing journey, including her journey at the Hoffman Process. Content warning: this episode mentions suicide. Susan has worked directly with Indigenous communities for over 17 years. For the last seven years, her […]