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nurturing self-loveIn the Process, you gain the understanding of nurturing self-love through forgiveness. At a certain point, you are given the opportunity to do a Self-Forgiveness/Self-Love walk. Why is this so important?

As we make our way through the week learning how we got our patterns, releasing them, gaining awareness, compassion and forgiveness, we are learning new behaviors. These become our go-to when we are faced with experiences or circumstances that, in the past, would have sent us into negative patterns. Each time we encounter an old way of doing something, we have the opportunity to forgive ourselves, and reignite the self-love that we worked so hard to reclaim.

If you haven’t done a Self-Forgiveness/Self-Love walk recently, take some time to reconnect to your true essence – the person you learned to love again and who is consistently just beneath the surface. Your Spiritual Self is primed and ready to go!

Self-Forgiveness/Self-Love Walk

Find a quiet space in nature where you can walk, uninterrupted if possible.

Commitment Ritual:

  • Stand still and feel your integrated being — your intellect, emotional adult, spiritual self, and body. Experience the light in you.
  • Silently state your commitment to forgive yourself for all that you have done in your life out of negative love patterns; also state your commitment to love yourself.
  • Reach up your arms to the sky and look up into the limitlessness of the light.
  • Reach out your arms to the horizon that encompasses the whole world, and slowly turn around completely to acknowledge your connection.
  • Reach your hands down to touch the earth that supports and grounds you.
  • Stand straight and breathe into your commitment to be authentic and present.


  • Start walking slowly. As you walk, state softly to yourself each of the things in your life you have done out of patterns for which you forgive yourself. Use the phrase, “I forgive myself for…”
  • Continue until you have forgiven yourself for everything you can remember. Then say, “I forgive myself for everything I have done out of my patterns.”

Once again do the Commitment Ritual.


  • Start walking slowly.
  • Begin by saying, “I love my whole self just as I am.”
  • As you walk, speak softly about how you love and appreciate yourself. Speak of your whole integrated being, and of each of the four aspects of your being: body, intellect, emotional self, and spirit.
  • End by saying again, “I love my whole self just as I am.”

Complete your walk by once again doing the Commitment Ritual.

Note: You may choose to repeat this walk many times in your life. As humans, we are by definition imperfect, and for each of us there will always be things for which to forgive ourselves. Self-love is a nurturing companion to self-forgiveness.

There are many tools and practices available to help you nurture yourself. Please check them out here: ToolsPracticesAudio Tools.

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