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We wrap up our abundant season three with A Taste of 2021Our co-hosts, Sharon Mor and Drew Horning, came together to reflect on season three of The Hoffman Process. They listened to many rich moments sprinkled throughout this season and shared with each other the moments that particularly touched them in some way.

Drew Horning and Sharon Mor

In A Taste of 2021, Sharon and Drew weave these memories together with the experiences they’ve had and the wisdom they’ve gleaned from both hosting this podcast, as well as teaching the Hoffman Process.

Each episode of The Hoffman Podcast is filled with heartwarming stories of how Hoffman Process graduates’ lives and the lives of those around them are changed as a result of their work in the Process. These stories offer a glimpse of how change ripples out into the world through the everyday radius of our lives.

People come to The Hoffman Process when they are serious about change. The Process has supported changes in the lives of over 100,000 graduates, as well as the lives that each graduate touches.

The Hoffman Podcast will be on hiatus until mid-February, 2022. We look forward to creating a new season full of stories with you that tell tales of love’s everyday radius.


If you are intrigued by what you’ve heard, take a listen to the full episode of each Hoffman graduate highlighted. Meander through this list to discover more about the Process and how taking it can bring change to you, your life, and the lives of those you love. These are a sampling of season three’s 32 episodes.

You’ll find all of the episodes from all three seasons of our podcast offer one beautiful window into the experience of what it is to be human.

Listed in order of mention:

Hope Edelman: More Vulnerable, More Fierce

Julio Alvarez: The Gifts of Forgiveness

Wilma Mae Basta: From Patterns to SuperPowers

Marlene McNab: Healing Intergenerational Trauma

Indigenous Wisdom: Anita Sanchez, Elizabeth Lindsey, Tim Harjo

Hilary Illick: Accepting Our Imperfection 

Cynthia Merchant: Trauma and the Process of Healing

Dan Sterling: I Live in Massive Forgiveness

Eboni Williams: Spirit of Disruption

Jason-Aeric Huenecke: A Joy For Living

Paula and Tim Floyd: Living the Process, Together

Busy Philipps: A Beautiful Space for Peace and Freedom to Exist


SEE YOU IN 2022!

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