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By Renda A. Baird, aka “Renny the Minnesota Ripple”

One month post-Hoffman Process, someone recently asked me seemingly simple questions – “Was it a REHAB?”
And, “How has the Hoffman Process changed you?”
REHAB? …… Wait, did I do REHAB?
Is REHAB cool or not cool now? I had to think about that.

How HAS the Hoffman Process Changed Me?

My experience one month post-Hoffman is –
I think, I’m pretty sure, I’m confident
I was REHABILITATED in some way, as Red would say:

“Whatever the hell you think that means!”
(we’ll get back to Red in a minute)

Rehabilitated, as defined by Merriam-Webster:
such as restoration, especially by therapeutic means, to an improved condition
of mental or physical function.

Rehabilitated – In Red

By most accounts:

  • I had an idyllic childhood, I was a good person – BE a GOOD Girl
  • My parents did the best they could – Victim of circumstance
  • I feel like I KNEW what I needed to DO – Just WORK HARD
    • to be a successful – work hard, you will have $$
    • to be liked – serve others
    • to always be happy – show no bad feelings
    • do the Christian thing – over-giver
    • act the part – Performer
    • be a LADY, for Heaven’s sake! – PRUDE #theperfectsize #youarewhatyoueat

Back to RED

The words in Red above are the patterns that drove my life.
In a telling scene from one of my favorite movies

The Shawshank Redemption

Red is up for parole and he’s asked if he thinks he has been Rehabilitated
by his 40-some years in “The Prison System.”
Is he Rehabilitated enough so he can rejoin the real world as a functioning adult?
I can tell you for sure that I have spent 49 years
trying to figure out a way to FIT – Into – The – System.

The Hoffman Process helped me to believe at my core that…


Photo ©LTD, LLC

I can tell you that the 39 people I gathered with are now GOOD – and some GREAT – FRIENDS. We most willingly put down our technology for a WEEK and had real heart to heart conversations. I believe that we are all searching for deeper, more meaningful connections. I believe technology has become the next great addiction. We have a lot of work to do. And YES, one person will and does start the Ripple Over and Over and Over and Over again. It was so incredible to find a FLOCK of souls that I was humbled and inspired by.

My Experience Is ……

The Hoffman Process methodically and expertly removed
the Negative PATTERNS and feelings that were keeping me from being MYSELF –
my true and authentic whole self.

Through the Hoffman Process I discovered The WHOLE Me –
The ME who listens to and honors my BODY, at any size or strength.
It really is the ONLY one I get. I WILL Honor and take care of her.

The ME who guides my self-critical thoughts to kindness and honors my clever-simple-magical brain.

The ME who seeks and trusts my Spirit Guide and Source.
(my Mom prefers I call him GOD)

The ME who believes that setting boundaries is the greatest act of self-love.

The ME who is WORTHY
of a

We are all Four Parts – One BEING,

Hoffman and its dedicated teachers and staff guided me ……
to find MYSELF.

Have I been Rehabilitated? I believe this to be most certainly true.

I have been RESTORED to an improved condition.

I would, without hesitation, highly and completely recommend
the Hoffman Process to any and all.

HONK HONK– shout out to LTD and my RED DOT GROUP 7/7/18.
Renny “The MN Ripple”

Side note – To answer the other top questions I get post-Hoffman:
The FOOD is AMAZING, HEALTHY and Plentiful.
The teachers are hand-picked, wizards of words, a cast of characters sure to fire up a pattern or two. You’ve been warned.

(I do still over-feed people – the dark side isn’t gone, I just move on faster;
and I still adore my Momma, just in a much healthier way.)

Renny – aka Renda A. Baird DMA –
Is a hard-working Farm Girl with a Curious Curl
Always looking for the next adventure.
She has stuff in Minnetrista, MN, with the Light of her heart –
her son Lincoln James (Hoffman Graduate in 2038),
and their fuzzy Farm Cat, Mr. Willie Makeit.
Lincoln wanted me to add … we currently have room for one more bonus MOM.

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  • Al Scardino


    08/16/18 at 6:39 PM

    The Hoffman Process introduced to me, to a whole new rhythm, in which to walk through in life with…

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