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Self-compassionBy Shawn McAndrew

Aside from the obvious value (being a Process graduate opens one up to a better life, deeper love, more compassion, and broader emotional intelligence), you are now part of a loving, spiritual community that stretches across the globe – 90,000+ people who are graduates of the transformational Hoffman Process. As a graduate, you’re also able to take advantage of the multitude of courses, events, and tools available to keep you connected and alive.

I asked Hoffman teachers Matt Brannagan and Andi Saucerman about the values of being a Hoffman graduate, and why community and connection are so important once you venture back into your life. Their observations as well as personal practices and experiences are supportive and insightful.

What are some key ways to stay connected with one’s self/Spirit?
Andi: Checking in, even if you’re just tuning in to your Spiritual Self. Continue your relationship with your self in whatever way you can – get out in nature, do a visualization, listen to the tools. Turn your attention inward to connect. Recycling is also a vital way to stay connected to your self and Spirit.

Matt: I start each day with a Quadrinity check-in. Sometimes I lead myself through it, other times I listen to it through the Hoffman app. Connecting with all aspects of my Quadrinity allows me to start the day from a balanced place. Throughout the day I check in with my spirit.

What do you think is the most important thing someone should pay attention to once they are back in their lives, post-Process?
Matt: To me, it is two-pronged. I think it’s important to find ways to connect with Spirit and nurture one’s self, but also to address the patterns as they come up. Though the tools or practices one chooses may differ, ensuring that Spirit is connected and patterns are addressed is a wonderful starting point from which to build.

Andi: Your self. Your Spiritual Self, your response to things – use the awareness you gained during your Process. Practicing mindful compassion to yourself and others is really important. Be gentle and kind to yourself when you’re back in your life.

How does community play a role in one’s continued personal journey and healing?
Andi: Community can be a mirror in which you can witness and share each other’s journeys. Community creates a bigger space for healing, which is created through witnessing each other.

Matt: Community is helpful in our growth and healing. Finding people that you can confide in, share with, and who can provide comfort and support really encourages the opening of the heart. An open heart is so crucial to healing.

What if someone doesn’t have a graduate community? What can he or she do to stay connected?
Matt: Most graduate groups start because a graduate has an interest in connecting with other graduates in the area. We have groups that are as small as three people and meet regularly. Teleclasses are also a great option; they allow for a connection to the tools and practices of the Process, regardless of where you are in the world.
(Editor’s note: Many of the Hoffman centers in other parts of the world offer community connections; check out the different centers here: hoffman-international.com.)

Andi: First, create one. If you can’t or don’t have time, attend a Refresher, teleclasses, Ceremony of Integration, reach out through your Light Circle or private FaceBook page. Connect with your buddies, watch the videos, read the Hoffman monthly newsletter or the Hoffman blog, connect with other graduates. You can call the Hoffman office (415-485-5220 or 800-506-5253) and find out if there is someone in your community with whom you can connect.

What’s the value of a graduate course, such as the Q²: Beyond Mom & Dad or InnerWork for Leaders?
Andi: These courses are a chance to immerse yourself again. When people come to do a graduate course, Boom!, they’re right back in the work. It’s also an opportunity to create new community, and deepen your personal connection within.

Matt: Each course begins with a coaching call with a Hoffman teacher, which allows graduates to hit the ground running and maximize value during the three days. Many people return to a Q²: Beyond Mom & Dad because they are working with a specific issue in life that has surfaced, and the course can give a short but intense look into that area. Others just want to reconnect or connect more deeply with the tools and practices, and either of these courses allows for this work, because a foundation (in the Process) has already been built.

If someone can’t commit the time or cost of a Q², how does he or she benefit from shorter offerings, such as a Refresher or teleclass?
Matt: Refreshers and teleclasses provide a great value in a short amount of time. Teleclasses are accessible throughout the world, and present great topics. And, they can be accessed for up to 30 days after the actual teleclass, giving you a longer timeframe for flexibility.
Refreshers offer an ease and accessibility to tools, practices, and community. They’re offered in various major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S., and they pack a tremendous value into one day. There’s also the bonus aspect that you’ll be able to connect with other graduates in your area.

Andi: Recently someone was talking about the experience of taking a 1-day Refresher course, saying that it was amazing. “If you can go to one of these, GO!” By partaking in a one-day Refresher or teleclass, or joining a graduate community, you are able to immerse yourself deeper into your growth and connections. Again, your growth is enhanced by the group energy.

What other resources/support does the Hoffman Institute offer to graduates so they know they are not alone?
Andi: I am really proud of the ways that we at the Hoffman Institute provide support to our graduates. You can call the office to talk with anyone, call or email your teacher, call your classmates, come to a Ceremony of Integration, and so much more. There’s a wealth of ways to stay connected and in touch.

Matt: Coaching and graduate groups are wonderful support systems; there are also the Light Circles and the connections that graduates can get from their classmates.

Perhaps, when you registered for the Process, you weren’t aware of all the value-added features that come with your course. If you would like more resources and connections, you can also visit our website’s Resources page.
Or call us: 415-485-5220 or 800-506-5253. Above all, stay connected to your Self, Spirit, and community.

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